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Sean P Fodera
...when you receive mail from a person with the surname "Rivers" and immediately wonder whose bastard they are.
Sean P. Lego
"Men’s loafers in ladies’ room on the 17th floor. Available for pick up at Office Services"
4th-Sep-2014 10:04 am - LiveJournal Blech!
Sean P Fodera
Nothing much to say, but that I really hate the new LJ screen layouts and designs.  These new Win8-friendly layouts are so devoid of personality and charm, I actively avoid sites that use them.  I remember the days when we moved from monochrome green monitors to color monitors where Windows made excessive use of cyan (that was the main reason for the "blue screen of death" - it was the only color Microsoft liked to use).  And now it's back.  What's the point in having an HD monitor with millions of colors available, only to have everyone go backward to blue and white?
16th-Jul-2014 07:25 pm - Word Crimes
Sean P. Lego
Attended the game tonight with Christina and Austin.  Despite chill and mist-turning-to-fog, we had a great time.  Mets won 4-3, first win of the season.

Says I, "Lucas Duda warms up for games by beating up Chuck Norris."
Sean P Fodera

We watched the show last night. Austin and I made a game of rating each tribute performance, and it was interesting to see that we both had roughly the same feelings about each performance.

Our system was to start everyone with an 8. If the performance was close to the original Beatles version, the score went up. If the performer did a good job making the song their own, the score remained the same. Various elements resulted in points off. Here are our scores:

MAROON 5 - All My Loving & Ticket to Ride = 10 (very authentic take on the songs by a band I generally only like about 50% of the time)

STEVIE WONDER - We Can Work It Out = 8 (perfect Stevie-funk version of the song)

JEFF LYNNE, JOE WALSH & DHANI HARRISON - Something = 10 (nailed the song)

ED SHEERAN - In My Life = 8 (it felt very much like an Ed Sheeran song, which is actually faint praise in my book, but it was a creditable cover)

KEITH URBAN & JOHN MAYER - Don't Let Me Down = 6 (Mayer pulled this down with his vocals, and both ruined the guitar solo, only Urban's vocals saved it)

KATY PERRY - Yesterday = 4 (Katy Perry shouldn't be allowed to even listen to Beatles music any more. She has a lovely voice, but I don't know where it was last night. Just warbled one of the most iconic songs in the English language.  Even my teen daughter couldn't wait for her to get off stage.)

IMAGINE DRAGONS - Revolution = 9 (except for the intro, they nailed the song, but made it their own. Neither of my kids like this band, but both were rocking to this cover.)

DAVE GROHL & JEFF LYNNE - Hey, Bulldog = 10 (the track could have come right off the Yellow Sub album.)

EURYTHMICS - The Fool On The Hill = 2 (I'm being generous. Annie Lennox murdered the song with her croaking. They should have stayed in retirement.)

ALICIA KEYS & JOHN LEGEND - Let It Be = 9 (Legend was awesome on his vocals, and I'll be looking for some of his original music now. Could have been a 10 if Keys wasn't singing. She's a warbler, and took all the heart out of her verses.)

PHARRELL WILLIAMS & BRAD PAISLEY - Here Comes The Sun = 10 (I didn't know much about Williams before the Grammy's, but that kid has talent. Just a spot-on duet.)

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - Here Comes The Sun = 0 (This may have been the camera shots, but they did nothing but hang there. No action. No thrills. However, I have to be honest in that I hate Cirque du Soleil, and don't care for their performance styles at all, so hanging motionless probably was the best thing they could do IMO.)

GARY CLARK, JR., JOE WALSH & DAVE GROHL - While My Guitar Gently Weeps = 10 (I have no idea who Clark is, but these guys smoked the song in a way I thought only Harrison and Clapton could.)

PAUL MCCARTNEY & RINGO STARR - all songs = need I bother saying it... 10. (I was particularly pleased with the Sgt. Pepper/With A Little Help because I'm compiling a playlist of as many live recordings as possible of the Beatles (together and solo) doing the songs from the Beatles' studio albums. I have McCartney doing the first part, trailing into another song after "Billy Sheers", and Starr doing the second, starting at "Billy Sheers". Now I can have them both doing the whole thing live.)

My wife thought I was being biased in my rankings, since she knows I'm a Beatles purest at heart. However, I have to point out that in general, I only sometimes like Maroon 5, I nearly always like Katy Perry's voice (even if I don't always care for her lyrics), I've never liked Dave Grohl or Eurythmics, and I'm not overly fond of Imagine Dragons or Ed Sheeran. The only ones who actually achieved about what I expected were Eurythmics. So, I'd say I came to this program with a pretty open mind, and came away very, very happy with the results.

On a personal, fan note: I'm sorry to have seen that, while Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison were there, Julian Lennon wasn't. Dhani did a lovely job paying tribute to his father, and I would have liked to see Lennon's sons get to perform in his honor, too. Mind you, it was very sad that both Sean and Yoko were singing along to Hey, Jude (though Sean actually did not seem to know the words), when the song's namesake was nowhere to be found.

3rd-Feb-2014 10:02 am - Connecticut Area Workshops
Publishing professor Leigh Grossman (well-known to Lunacon attendees) is offering a series of workshops on various aspects of publishing and writing in the next few months.  The complete list, schedule, rates (some are free) and contact information are at the following link.

I've been a guest lecturer in Leigh's publishing classes at University of Connecticut, and find that his students learn a lot about the business.  He is clearly a very knowledgeable and effective teacher.  Seek him out if you are in the area.  The workshops will be worth your time and money.
30th-Jan-2014 02:51 pm - Gong Xe Fat Choi
Sean P Fodera
I'm off to our family celebrations for the Chinese New Year.  Wishing all my friends much joy, good health and prosperity in the Year of the Horse, 4712!

28th-Jan-2014 04:38 pm - How cold is it, Johnny?
Sean P Fodera
Update from NYC. On Friday, I put a can of ginger ale in the drawer of my office
desk. Today, I took it out, and it was as cold as if I had put in the fridge.
 Understand, please, that the desk drawer is right next to the radiator and
my space heater. I mean within inches of both heat sources. Insane.
29th-Oct-2013 03:18 pm - Sandy +365
Sean P Fodera
I have little to say of import or note on this grim anniversary.  (Original Sandy post here)  Our house lost a good part of the shingles from our roof, which caused flooding in the coat closet in our entry hall.  We didn't lose power, though my parents did for a short period.  Our basement did not flood, though it had been prone to flooding in the slightest rain during the previous 16 years (we'd just had our main sewer line replaced the day before Sandy).

We had a great insurance expediter (I'm very happy with the way Allstate handled our claims).  Though there was some old damage to the roof (long story) that they wouldn't cover, they did cover a good part of the entire repair, which was made by a contractor whom my aunt recommended.  If only we'd found him when we had the entire roof redone about 12 years ago, we might not have lost a single shingle; his workmanship was *that* good.

We left the hole in the ceiling of the coat closet until this past Saturday.  After 362 days without a drip of leak, we have now deemed the repair satisfactory, and I've insulated and sheetrocked the closet ceiling.  A little more joint compound, primer and paint, and we'll have a place to hang our hats and coats again.

In short, yes, we had damage. Yes, it was troublesome.  In the end, we came through Sandy in much better shape than so many people we know (I'm still learning of old friends who lost their houses to the Breezy Point fire), I count us blessed.

Wishing you all a complete recovery from the storm, and no more weather-related troubles going forward.
29th-Oct-2013 01:11 pm - Halloween Music Playlist
Sean P Fodera
I haven't had the time this year to do a full update on my annual Halloween Music Playlist.  If you are looking for some sounds for your Halloween celebrations, I hope my list from last year proves helpful.  If you have any suggestions to add, please feel free to add them in comments.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.
29th-Oct-2013 09:52 am - It Was 20 Years Ago Today...
Sean P Fodera
...that Amy and I stood in front of an altar in her mother's home, and were married in the Buddhist tradition of her family.  Amy's father had passed away just 6 months prior (though he had given his blessing to us), and we had thought that her mom would want us to push back the wedding until the traditional one year mourning period had ended.  However, her mom felt that her dad would have wanted us to go on with the wedding as scheduled.

It was a lovely ceremony, though very alien to my Irish-Italian Catholic family.  I think my parents and brothers, and Amy's mom and family were equally nervous about the whole thing.  My family processed in, carrying the traditional gifts and food items that Amy's mom had instructed us on (she apparently reduced the requirements out of respect for my parents and due to Amy's dad's passing).  Amy and I paid our respects to her ancestors at the altar, lighting incense, praying quietly and bowing deeply three times.

We served tea to our elders and family.  We received gifts and good wishes from them.  Treats were served.  When it was done, we were, in her family's and her god's eyes, man and wife.

That evening, we had the rehearsal for the Catholic ceremony that was to be held the next day, and a rehearsal dinner at my parents' house.  Although Amy and I tend to view 10/30 as our official anniversary because that's the day the papers for the state were signed by the priest, my brother and her sister, I always think fondly to 10/29 as the day I got married.  Amy's mom passed on a year later.  I hope she and Amy's dad have been happy with the job I've done for their daughter.
23rd-Oct-2013 07:49 pm - World Series Humor
Sean P Fodera
Heard on a radio station promo:

The Devil challenged God to a baseball game.

God laughed.  "I have all the greatest players in the game... Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Gehrig."

The Devil laughed.  "I have all the umpires."
18th-Oct-2013 12:59 pm - New(?) word usage
Sean P Fodera
From now on, when I get emails where the sender is replying in all caps above 12 points in size, I'm going to assume they are trying to yell at me.  In such case, I'm going to call it "Fontificating". I've seen this word used in other ways, but not this way.  I used this today, and my boss and staff are all going to adopt this usage.

Mark it down and check the OED in a couple of years.
14th-Oct-2013 08:37 pm - Columbus Day Parade 2013
Sean P Fodera
Today, Christina marched with her school in the New York City Columbus Day Parade, and managed to get herself some camera time on TV.

(She appears at about 21 seconds, and is then center screen waving at 28 seconds.)

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